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Thank you for your gift to NYCA. NYCA is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and all your donations are tax-deductible. 

Give to NYCA today to support most talented young musicians of this generation. Your donations can change their musical lives. Be a friend to NYCA, and get an access to exciting NYCA events worldwide annually. For more information, please email:


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You can also support NYCA by providing lodging and/or rehearsal space for artists who are traveling from outside New York city to join NYCA concerts. We provide free pass to all NYCA events for those who host NYCA artists.

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Why I donate


I can’t imagine a world without art. The young people who devote their lives to making music deserve a chance to display their talents. NYCA is one of those wonderful organizations that make this goal a possibility by providing high- end performance opportunities.

William Schwartz
President, America Israel Cultural Foundation


Dear New York Concert Artists,

Sincerest congratulations on your inaugural gala fundraiser celebration! In a short period of time, you have accomplished much to be proud of – the formation of a top-notch piano competition and introduction of outstanding young pianists to world – a testament to your determination and dedication to excellence. Thank you for making a positive difference in so many lives!

It is a sincere pleasure to support Klara Min, who is a brilliant pianist in her own right and my dear friend. I can personally attest to her passion, creativity, and commitment to NYCA. Under her skillful leadership, you will thrive and produce some of the world’s finest musicians, sealing your place as one of today’s premier music foundations.

Music is an essential part of our lives. It fills us with comfort, serenity, inspiration, devotion, love, and joy. Through music, we learn to listen carefully. Whether we marvel at distinct yet harmonious melodies intertwining throughout a Bach invention, feel tenderness in a Chopin waltz, or are enthralled by a rapturous Ravel piano concerto, we are profoundly impacted by the effect that music has on us. It is important to keep this music alive and well.

Today, there is a serious decline in young people who want to study piano, as reported by news organizations earlier this year. While tonight’s event is not about solving this issue, it is about creating ways in which we can foster and support dedicated young musicians to continue their journey and share the music in their hearts. Because you touch the lives of aspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike, you may even help tip the scale of diminishing young piano students. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Your efforts inspire artists to pursue musical studies by nurturing and rewarding their hard work with financial scholarships and performances on world-renowned stages. You enable pianists to perform concertos with full orchestra, a rare opportunity that they may not have otherwise. You offer guidance and a platform for musicians to leap into the next stage of their careers. In time, you will expand to horizons that we can’t even imagine today.

Congratulations again on your exemplary achievements. Continue to shape our hearts and minds by making the world a better place through music. I believe in your mission and look forward to celebrating many more milestones to come. It is an honor to share the beginning of this journey with you!

Very truly yours,
So-Chung Shinn Lee
NYCA Patron


As a lover of classical music, I am thrilled to have found this unique gem of an organization to support. NYCA’s clarion mission of world-class artists helping young musicians connect with their audience ensures that donations are spent wisely and where they can have maximum impact. I highly recommend supporting NYCA to anyone motivated to help ensure the future of classical music in the twenty-first century.

Glenn R. Sarno
Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP