Mission Statement

Founded in 2008, New York Concert Artists & Associates is a modern-day realization of Robert Schumann’s Alliance of David (Davidsbund), an imagined spiritual fraternity of creative minds.  NYCA is led by musicians for musicians and the musical public, in the belief that the ultimate artistic decisions in all situations must be made by the artists themselves, for the sake of the integrity — and therefore life — of classical music in the twenty-first century.  We hold regular meetings, discuss our concerts and projects together, and help one another with whatever resources available. 

To help musicians articulate their messages more directly to the world, we at New York Concert Artists & Associates make it a priority to create dynamic partnerships among musicians, managers, and presenters, and to promote young artists internationally through our concert series and collaborations with other organizations.  We believe that we contribute to the ever-evolving music industry and to the society-at-large by living and renewing the ideals of artists, as envisioned by artists.


Letter from Artistic Director/Founder

I like the words ‘synergy’ and ‘empathy’, and probably these two words were in my mind when I first thought about founding the New York Concert Artists & Associates (NYCA) in 2008. I have been a Schumann-fanatic for many years and I admire his idea of Davidsbund (Alliance of David), a spiritual fraternity of creative minds. He gathered musicians around him as collaborators, and this circle of artists shared their opinions and stood against ignorance and arrogance.

NYCA is modeled after Davidsbund in its belief that the ultimate artistic decisions in all situations must be made by the artists themselves. These days, many artists are likely to be the puppet of popular demands, unable to follow wholly paths of artistic integrity or originality. Perhaps they are not sure of who they are and what they want, or more likely they are unclear about how to use the resources around them to further their careers - even with all the tools available to them in this fast growing information-technology world.

Most artists are naïve in practical aspects and socially introvert, absorbed in their own world of music. They feel self-sufficient managing their own world, which in many cases does not give them enough reason to be zealous about communicating with the ‘outside’ world. Pianists particularly are more prone to be isolated, practising all by themselves with that mini-orchestra, the piano.

So it dawned on me that we pianists need a platform, a safe ground where our voices are heard, where we can share artistic ideas with colleagues and grow together, and where we can exhibit our innovative projects, therefore enabling us to find bridges to the public.

All members of NYCA are musical colleagues and each is able to exercise leadership within the group. We are open to newcomers and our obligations are based on mutual respect rather than a legal bond. We hold regular meetings to articulate our ideas, discuss our concerts and projects, decide do's and don't's, and help one another with whatever resources we have available. All members are encouraged to be as proactive as possible and the NYCA as an organisation makes it a priority to create dynamic partnerships among musicians, managers and presenters. We have our own publicity department, which invites press/media and the general public to all our concerts, annual series and events in New York City. We also collaborate with other musicians, composers and organisations to build creative projects together. Throughout the whole process, from the idea to the realisation of this ‘synergy’, NYCA adheres to artistic integrity in all decision-making.

‘Empathy’ might be one of the most important words for musicians. As we play for an individual, or for a large audience, we artists seek the listeners’ empathy in the sharing of music. But then audiences vary greatly from the emotional child to the great philosopher and it is our duty as artists to educate the audience as well. We cannot succumb to popular demands: if you keep giving candies to the crying child, then at last the child will have rotten teeth! We have to find a common ground where we remain true to ourselves and yet are receptive to today’s audience. Real communication occurs when one’s truth is spoken without the veil of fear, and I believe as human beings we all have a natural longing to connect to one another.

In music, by renewing the ideals of artists, as envisioned by artists, and by finding true communication, NYCA believes that artists take the first step - a firm one - on their career path, and contribute to society at large. NYCA is a platform and a stepping-stone for all artists who have dreams.

Klara Min, Artistic Director/Founder


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