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Piano Concerto Festival in New York City
Evenings of Piano Concerti-Season III

International Piano Magazine
Vol.86, April 2010

New York Concert Artists & Associates (NYCA) will be presenting “Evenings of Piano Concerti” (EPC) concert series at various venues in New York City. In its third season, NYCA promises a one- step upgraded concert series with a participation of the world-renown pianists and master classes given by eminent professors.

New York Concert Artists (NYCA) has been presenting Evenings of Piano Concerti (EPC) in New York City. In its third season already, NYCA adds more variety and enthusiasm to the series. EPC has its own characteristics for presenting the festival of piano concertos every year. NYCA’s artistic director Klara Min expresses her thoughts to the concert series.
“ Pianists are the core part of the Evenings of Piano Concerti being presented as soloists for the concerto performances. A concerto appearance with orchestra is the most attractive genre on stage, but unfortunately there are not enough chances for every pianist in reality of the classical music world. EPC provides opportunities to young pianists to play with an orchestra in New York city”
The six evenings will be divided into three different categories: NYCA pianists, Winners of the international piano competitions and Rising Artists.
On the opening evening, April 24 (NYCA pianists evening), Klara Min, Daniele Rinaldo (Active pianist from Italy), Evgeny Cherepanov (Russia, winner of Enescu competition) and Alexandre Moutouzkine (Russia, winner of many international competitions including Maria Canals, DMA student at Manhattan School of Music) will be performing Schumann and Chopin commemorating the composers’ anniversary year.
On May 8 and May 15, Winners evening concerts will take place featuring Anastasia Dedik (Russia, winner of the first International Concerto Competition for Pianists by NYCA), Minsoo Sohn (1st Prize, winner of Hilton Head and Honens International Competition), Spencer Myer (1st Prize, New Orleans International Piano Competition) and Raymond Wong (1st Prize, Seattle International Piano Competition) among others.
On May 1, 5 and May 8, emerging pianists with various career stages including current students in the States will be performing under the title, Rising Artists Evenings : Dmitri Levkovich (1st Prize, Jose Iturbi and Hilton Head International Piano Competition), Matei Varga (1st Prize, Maria Canals Competition), HeeYoun Choue (Professional study candidate at Peabody Conservatory), Maxim Anikushin (DMA candidate at Manhattan School of Music) and Ko-Nung Huang (DMA candidate at Rutgers University) among others.

Another feature is added this year, which is Master Classes to be given by William-Grant Nabore (Professor, International Piano Academy Lake Como in Italy) on May 10 and by Piotr Paleczny (Professor, Warsaw Piano Academy and director of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Poland) on May 26.
Along with Master Classes, Piotr Paleczny will be joining the series by performing Chopin’s both piano concertos with New York String Quartet on the 27th at the Polish Consulate in NY, commemorating composer’s 200th birth anniversary.

The official orchestra of this season is Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, and there will be three guest conductors, Ken-David Masur (resident conductor of San Antonio Symphony Orchestra and also known as the son of Kurt Masur), David Gilbert (director of the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra), and Eduard Zilberkant (director of the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra), whose baton will lead the orchestra with excellence.

Progressive EPC and NYCA

NYCA, a non-for-profit organization, who has been presenting EPC concert series, was founded in 2008 summer by its board members Klara Min, Jeffrey Swann, Eduard Zilberkant, and James Tocco as honorary board. NYCA consists of pianists and conductors: Klara Min (artistic director), Evegeny Cherepanov, Alexandre Moutouzkine, Daniele Rinaldo, Jeffrey Swann, James Tocco, Jae-Hyuck Cho, Christoph Declara, Makiko Hirata, Quentin Kim, Yoni Levyatov and Eduard Zilberkant.
Klara Min states that NYCA is an organization with its own concert presentation and NYCA provides a career development support for musicians with its publicity services, but it is not a management organization.
“ All members of NYCA are the decision makers who share opinions to one another representing the company. NYCA is run by donations from many organizations and wonderful individuals in New York City. In this season, such organizations as Yamaha Artists Services,Inc., Steinway Piano, Polish Consulate, Polish Institute, Italian Consulate, Italian Institute, Samsung America and Korean Cultural Services have collaborated with us.
As hiring an orchestra costs tremendous amount of funds, we are looking for corporate sponsorship and looking forward to having one from South Korea as well”

Klara Min, who is the founder of NYCA and director of EPC concert series, demonstrates her vision and belief.
“ Ideal artist is the one who has an ability to reflect his life on his artistry, empathize in human nature, and to be sensitive and responsive to what the world of this generation gives. First, one must find his own color and artistic merit to make a statement, but if his art is not accessible to public or neglects the necessity of an exposure with successful means, he is missing the true purpose of being its messenger, sharing.
NYCA is interested in presenting proactive musicians who understand this importance and value, and we hope that every pianist who has had a chance to participate in concerts by NYCA is able to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to his/her better musical future and career.”

Her attitude and vision is evidently reflected on her own musical activities as well.
‘It is performers’ duty to play new music’ said by Ms. Min, she has been performing living composer’s works. Recently, Ms. Min has recorded compositions by Korea composers, I-Sang Yun, Unsuk Chin, Yonghi Pagh Paan, Sukhi Kang, Uzong Chae and Jungil Kim. (to be released on Naxos lable)
“It is very hard to do all the works for NYCA while keeping my practice time, but I hope to meet wonderful individuals whose dedication will be soil and grain to NYCA to grow more, and further to do good to the society and people”
EPC concert series will be promoted through New York Times, New York’s Classical Radio Stations (WQXR, WNYC). With its affluent musical contents and wonderful presentation, it is evident to expect exciting season.

Evenings of Piano Concerti
April 24-May 27, New York
Visit www.newyorkconcertartists.com for more information on EPC