The 4th International Concerto Competition for Pianists

Will take place in New York City in May, 2013


Application deadline: December 1, 2012
[Late application deadline: December 31, 2012]
Semifinalists Acceptance Notice: February 1, 2013
Competition Dates: May 1-3, 2013, New York City


Preliminary Round: CD audition
Semifinal Round: Live audition in New York City
Final Round: Live audition in New York City




  • One Piano Concerto from the standard concerto repertoire
  • Semi-final round: 15-20 min
  • Final round: Entire Concerto performance with orchestra cuts

The jury reserves the right to interrupt the performance.
Performance should be by memory.
Works performed in the competition must be published.


The winner's concert will be promoted by NYCA

  • A Concerto Performance with NYCA Symphony Orchestra (Music Director: Eduard Zilberkant) at the winner's concert as a part of "Evenings of Piano Concerti" in the season 2013-2014 in New York City.
  • New York Concert Review


Application shall contain the following documents:

a. Application form

b. A professional photo in an electronic form: upload your high resolution photo directly to the online application form or email to

c. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate, passport or any other official document establishing the age of the applicant.

d. A resume including the information of previous concert experiences, education, prizes and awards.

e. A non-refundable application fee $100 (Late application: $150) by check or money order or PAY online through PayPal

f. A letter of recommendation from a renown musician. (The recommendation letter can be sent by mail or emailed directly from the recommending musician. If sent by email, please write applicant's name in the subject box)

g. Two identical CDs : please see the guideline for CDs below

Application has to be in its completion. Incomplete application will not be considered. Documents sent will not be returned.

Send your audition CDs, a $100 check or money order to the following address:

New York Concert Artists & Associates
(Attn: The 4th International Concerto Competition)
365 West End Avenue, Suite 4G
New York, NY 10024


  • CDs should include one-hour of your performance. A concerto performance should be included, and the remaining minutes can include solo performances. Chamber music performance is not acceptable.
  • Please send two copies of identical CDs.
  • Do not put your name on the CDs, but ONLY list the repertoire
  • CDs have to be high-quality. Please make sure the contents before sending them
  • CDs has to be recorded within past two years
  • CDs cannot be edited


Jeffrey Swann, Matti Raekallio, Klara Min


Preliminary round
Applicant must submit two identical CD recordings.
Applicants will be accepted to the semifinal round of the competition on the basis of evaluations of the submitted CDs by independent judges. All applicants will receive written notification on advancement to the Semifinal Round.

Semifinal round
No more than 25 pianists will be accepted to the semifinal round.

Final round
The Final Round will consist of an uninterrupted concerto performance.
The Final Round is open to public.


  • For contestants who need to obtain US visa, NYCA will offer an invitation letter or any other document required for the visa application. E-mail at
  • Contestants shall request such requirement, if needed, in advance.


Soloists must provide their own accompanists make all rehearsal arrangements and pay fees. NYCA can recommend qualified accompanists and spaces for rehearsal in New York.


Competitors are responsible for their own and their accompanists’ travel and accommodation expenses. NYCA can recommend affordable lodging places on request.


New York Concert Artists & Associates has unrestricted rights to broadcast, record, televise, publish any part of the contestant’s participation in the competition and the winner’s concert, including, but not limited to, rehearsals and performances.


New York Concert Artists & Associates
365 West End Avenue, Suite 4-G,
New York, NY 10024, USA