2011 Rising Artists Concerto Presentation


No Age Limit
Pianist of any nationality




Application deadline: December 1, 2010
Late application deadline: January 1, 2011
Announcement of selected pianists: April 1, 2011


  • Qualified pianists will be featured as soloists for Rising Artists Evening as a part of “Evenings of Piano Concerti” Concert Series presented by New York Concert Artists & Associates in the season 2011-2012.
  • Selected number of pianists will have scholarship award to perform with the season’s invited orchestra and guest conductors.


Application shall contain the following documents:

a. Application form in block letters

b. A professional photo in an electronic form: in CD or by an email

c. A resume including the information of previous concert experiences, education, prizes and awards

d. Two identical CDs: please see the guideline for CDs

e. A non-refundable application fee $100 (Late application: $150) by check or money order or PAY online

f. A list of concerto repertoire (work title, opus number, composer, dates)

g. A copy of birth certificate or passport

h. A letter of recommendation from a renown musician or a recent teacher

Application has to be in its completion. Incomplete application will not be considered.
Documents sent will not be returned.

Send your application, a $100 check and all other materials to the following address:

New York Concert Artists & Associates
(Attn: Rising Artists Concerto Presentation)
365 West End Avenue, Suite 4G
New York, NY 10024


One or Two Concerto Performances in Recording


  • CDs should include at least one concerto performance either with accompanying pianist or with an orchestra
  • Please send two copies of identical CDs
  • CDs have to be high-quality.
  • CDs have to be recorded within past two years
  • CDs cannot be edited
  • CDs need to be signed either by the audio engineer or by the applicant’s teacher or other known musician


New York Concert Artists & Associates has unrestricted rights to broadcast, record, televise, publish any part of the winner’s concert, including, but not limited to, rehearsals and performances.


New York Concert Artists & Associates
365 Westend Avenue, Suite 4-G,
New York, NY 10024, USA
E-mail: info@newyorkconcertartists.com
Website: www.newyorkconcertartists.com